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November 3, 2009 / nonekerate

celtic tattoo art

celtic tattoo art

celtic tattoo art

celtic tattoo art

Celtic tattoos are an awesome way to display the heritage of the Irish, Scottish or Welsh. It conveys pride in both heritage and ancestry. The meanings of the Celtic images are what inspire most tattoos of that nature today. The Irish Illuminated Manuscripts has books that offer many images that can be used for Celtic Tattoos.

Celtic tattooing is believed to have started back when Celtic Stone and Metalwork began. The Celtic artistry in general dates back thousands of years and includes their festive creations of metal, jewelry and weapons. For this reason, Celtic artwork and crosses that are commonly used for Celtic tattoos can be found all over Ireland today. These images often appear in many other Celtic countries in modern communities all over the world. With that said, it isn’t just the historic Celtic images that are being used for tattoos.

Many of the original images have been modified almost entirely to create symbolism for today’s tattoo patrons. It is fun and acceptable to play with Celtic tattoo images to create one that fits your heritage, spirituality, beliefs and tastes.

People get Celtic tattoos for different reasons. Some are far from their homeland and want to display their heritage. Others respect and admire the Celtic culture while some simply like the look of the image. While the reasons to get a Celtic Tattoo image inked on your body are endless, you should consider why and what the image symbolizes before getting the artwork permanently embedded on your body. Celtic tattoos can be very rewarding if you have researched the meanings, origins and different types of Celtic Tattoos. Simply put, it is important that you know why you want the Celtic tattoo image, not just because you quickly seen the drawing and liked the way it looked. Take your time; this will be with you forever.

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