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November 21, 2009 / nonekerate

firefighter tattoo art

firefighter tattoo art

firefighter tattoo art

firefighter tattoo art

Have you been looking at firefighter tattoos but you don’t know which designs to choose from? Here are some tips to help you decide on the design of your firefighter tattoo:

There are many different types of firefighter tattoos. The tattoos usually symbolize a fireman’s passion for fighting fire and represents a fireman’s courage and adventure. It can also remind firefighters of moments with other firemen who died doing their job.
firefighter tattoos
Symbols of Firefighter Tattoos

* Symbols reflecting hope and protection: Examples are: angel wings around firemen, a saint watching over the rescued and the fireman or an eagle with its wings around fire.
* Fire company emblem: Every fire department has their own emblem which may include the city’s symbol, motto, insignia and shield, a perfect design option for firefighter tattoos.
* Symbols of danger or the defiance of death: Examples are demons, skulls, a person taken out of the depths of hell or dragons breathing fire around firefighters.
* St. Florian symbol: Saint Florian is the patron saint of firefighters. According to a legend, Saint Florian was condemned to die because he was a Christian. Soldiers told him he was going to be burned alive. He answer was: I will climb to heaven on the flames. Saint Florian’s job included establishing a fire brigade. It was rumored that he was able to stop a fire using only one bucket of water.
* Maltese Cross: Some fire department shields have the Maltese cross which is said to be used by knights who courageously fought off fire. Some of the knights risked their lives to save their fellow knights. These knights came from Malta, an island in the Mediterranean.
* Celtic firefighter tattoos: Examples are leprechauns or shamrocks with a firehouse symbol.
* Religious: Some firefighter tattoos have religious symbols representing the firemen’s religious beliefs and God. This can establish a since of comfort and protectiveness while doing one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.
* Memorial tattoos: Some firefighter tattoos are memorials of firefighters who lost their lives in the line of duty. For example, a fireman may choose a memorial tattoo with the symbol of the Maltese cross and the number of men who lost their lives trying to save others during the 9/11 attack. Other examples include names and dates of firemen and people who died on the job protecting others.
* Scenes of firefighting: Some firefighter tattoos can feature scenes of firefighters fighting fire with a hose, rescuing people from a burning building or a helmet with fire around it.
* Portraits of firemen: An example is a portrait of a known fireman fighting fire or carrying people in their arms.


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